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Here at Bectec we offer a wide range of services from small maintenance jobs to larger in-depth jobs, see below for some of our services. Please call for all services we offer.

Routine Servicing

Our routine service includes three main options: Interim, Full, and Major, as well as additional maintenance services like brake fluid changes, coolant changes, and cambelts. Trust us to keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely.


Being mobile means we can respond to breakdown and get you going at the side of the road, if the vehicle is not fixable roadside we have recovery available to recover the vehicle to our workshop.


Having your car check regularly can avoid major issues while driving, therefore we offer car inspections for just £19.99. These include a full inspection of the car including lights and levels. 


We supply all tyres from budget to premium  of all sizes. Our tyre machines are capable of changing tyre for 10" to 24". Also we specialise in delicate wheel tyre changes.  

Headlight Polishing

Cloudy headlights? A number of cars fail there MOT due to missy headlights resulting in no pattern, this problem can be solved easily for just  £19.99. Book now online.

Electrical Issues

Electrical device not working? We can help you, offering a large range of diagnostic methods to find the issue quickly and cost effectively. 


Is your car showing warning lights and not driving properly? Book an appointment with Bectec only £50 and get a code read to diagnose the problem.

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